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Issues with conventional agriculture


The numerous issues with conventional agriculture range from the large amounts of food waste generated to the immense amounts of water used, and to the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, conventional farming is highly susceptible to climate change, posing a significant risk to global food-security.


By 2050, we’ll need to feed 10 billion people using the same resources we currently have.

Extensive agricultural practices and climate change have resulted in an alarming decline in biodiversity and with dwindling supplies of arable land and clean water, food production is at risk.

To ensure a sustainable future, we must rethink and reform our food systems.


Fusion of Japanese tradition and cutting-edge technology

Minori is a visionary farming company with a passion for Japanese strawberries, using high-tech vertical farming techniques to grow the sweetest, most valuable strawberries. Our innovative technology enables hyper-local production of fresh strawberries anytime, anywhere, unaffected by rising energy costs through innovative hydrogen power generation. In the process, we will create a circular economy, save&create energy, significantly reduce food waste, and build a carbon-neutral society throughout the supply chain.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Less miles, less waste, less energy
Bringing strawberry closer to home shortens the supply chain and drastically cuts food mileage and waste.

While saving up to 95% of the water used in conventional farming.


Data-Powered Agriculture

Speaking Plant Approach based Perfect light/temperature/humidity control and craftsmanship.

We replicate the elements of a perfect day for the strawberry. 

Next Generation Technologies

Relying on artificial intelligence, robotic vision and a data driven growing process,

Our smart farms can be operated completely unmanned and automated.


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Kouya Agri Service inc.

in Ohio, USA

Agricultural consulting and production management services, facility management and quality control.



New project announced,

Next-Gen Vertical Farm

in Helsinki, Finland

The agri-startup operates a fully automated, sustainable agricultural process that relies on renewable sources to produce Japanese strawberry without pesticides.


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Minori Group

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