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Digital Farming
at Hand

High and predictable yields of the best quality. In all seasons and anywhere in the world.

Combining Time-honored Growing Techniques with the Ingenuity of Vertical Farming.


Vertical farming, the new frontier of agriculture, grants us the freedom to grow fresh fruit all year-round. Minori brings technology and plants into harmony - parfect light, Complex temperature and humidity control and craftsmanship. We replicate the elements of a perfect day for the strawberry. You can taste it in every strawberry : mellow aroma, smooth texture, rich sweetness, refreshing acidity,

unlike any others.

New Features

Japanese distinctive “Sweet Strawberry”
developed by Japanese eating habit and
highly competitive market


In Japan, strawberries are mainly eaten in raw. Therefore, freshness and the quality of the varieties have continuously been improved based on the breeding competition and quality control among the local production areas for long time.


At least there are more than 300 varieties that are officially registered in the varieties database of Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and even more new varieties are being developed every year.

Japanese breeding technology and growing system of strawberry are known to be one of the most developed ones in the world.

Agri-tech Innovation

Our Project is one of the answer to the challenging Strawberry production that have been triggered by a highly demands of Fresh soft-fruits. Farming in the heart of large consumer centre enables us to minimize food waste during primary production, processing and distribution.

Create hyper-local value chains that deliver the most fresh Strawberry, achieve greater efficiency in terms of space utilization and productivity and eliminate CO2 emissions,

  • climate-independently: all year round and anywhere in the world

  • with ultimate control: exactly the yield you want

  • more sustainably: all electric and 90% less water usage

  • healthier produce: increased nutrients or medicinal qualities

  • with ultimate hygiene: free of pesticides and insects.

  • grow autonomously: making cultivation available to everyone

  • and generate a greater harvest: high yields with excellent quality and flavor


MINORI & Partners support the production of liquid fertilizers and plastics from food waste and organic waste from restaurants and food factories.


Its products replace fertilizers and plastics made from virgin raw materials and contribute to a long-term circular economy and ecosystem.


The compost produced from this process is used to fertilize public parks and forests, supporting microbial activity in the soil and preserving the beautiful Nordic natural environment.

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