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Our Mission

Create the future of vertical farms with clean power generated only from water

Green Fertiliser from organic waste

Who We Are

“We always keep minority spirit.”

This short but impressive sentence is the phrase that most clearly expresses the attitude of “MINORI”.

Today, when you go to a grocery store, you can see so many products that you can't even remember the name of it.

Meanwhile, what kind of "difference" does the thing you have in your hand, have when compared to others?

Do you suddenly feel that most of the products have similar methodologies, similar stories, and no distinctive features?


That is the reason why we decided to produce Japanese strawberry that we really love and enjoy.


The majority of so-called "major" products are of course interesting and are made into "stereotypes" that are accepted by many consumers.

However, we think that along with the majority, there should be a minority with a slightly different approach.


Even if they are in the minority, there are bound to be people who sympathize with our “products”.


Based on the above philosophy, we created this brand "MINORI".

From now on, we don't have to fit the existing equation, without relying on fancy decorations. We aim to provide high-quality products that leave a lasting impression on people who purchase "MINORI" products.



Combining Time-honored Growing Techniques with the Ingenuity of Vertical Farming.


Vertical farming, the new frontier of agriculture, grants us the freedom to grow fresh fruit all year-round.

Minori brings future technology and plnats into harmony.

Perfect light, temperature and humidity control and craftsmanship. We replicate the elements of a perfect day for the our strawberry.

You can taste it in every strawberry : mellow aroma, smooth texture, rich sweetness, refreshing acidity,

unlike any others.

Our Team


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